Wholesale DID Origination

Local and International Wholesale DID

Wholesale DID provider M2 Communications delivers wholesale DID services for domestic and international usage. Our wholesale DID numbers are authentic phone numbers recognized by every territory we operate in.

Why Choose M2 Communications for your DID Service Provider?

M2 Communications has been in the business of providing world class wholesale DID service since 2002. We fully equip you to have the exact phone system configuration you need, whether that be a toll-free line, local calls, or global.
With M2 Communications you do not have to worry about not having the range of virtual numbers you need in the location you need them. We are the wholesale DID provider with an extensive network that covers dozens of countries and a multitude of area codes for your particular direct inward dialing needs.
Our wholesale DID customers will always have the full knowledge of their carriers and the ability to choose among the very best for their unique needs.
With over a decade of wholesale DID industry experience, M2 Communications has mastered the complex web of local and international carrier regulations and considerations. As an industry leading DID service provider, we do everything possible to free you of the concerns of your phone system so you can focus on growing your business.
Our wholesale direct inward dialing services are delivered on state of the art telecom technology engineered and monitored to maintain quality, efficiency, and security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Customers of M2 Communications’ wholesale DID services enjoy flexible and robust virtual phone service that can expand to accommodate peak simultaneous usage while remaining cost effective.
You are in the driver’s seat with M2 Communications as your wholesale DID provider. We offer DID management tools that allow you to control where calls are routed. This can be done over the internet, a private network, or via peering. Seamlessly forward your virtual numbers to mobile phones and even traditional landlines.

The Right Wholesale DID Provider can help your Business Fly

Your phone service is a massively important part of most facets of running a successful business. It is the most persuasive sales tool you have at your disposal, so choosing your wholesale DID provider is serious business. Your toll-free phone number allows prospective customers no-cost way to learn more about what you have to offer them. You only have one chance to get this right. Failure to accept their calls immediately or poor call quality may erode their faith they may have had in a business’ ability to solve their problem. Great customer service is one of the best tools to retain a valued customer, so making sure your customer’s calling experience is as smooth and painless as possible is key. M2 Communications is the wholesale DID of choice for organizations who take their phone calls seriously.
Contact us now and we will explain all of the wonderful wholesale DID options you have before you and how specifically M2 Communications can take your communications to the next level!

Direct Inbound Dial Origination Features

VoIP is not only here to stay, it is going to continue expanding until it has fully taken its place at the center of the majority of our two-way communications tech. With the success of VoIP comes the rush of new wholesale DID origination companies looking to stake their claim in this exciting and valuable field. Of course all that choice also means confusion. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options you have at your disposal when choosing your DID. We hope to be able to give you the information you need to look out for when selecting the right DID origination provider for your company’s needs.
People often say that you can’t have it all. That may be true, but when it comes to wholesale VoIP, you can come close if you play your cards right. It’s easy to say it, but actually finding a DID origination provider that excels on service quality, competitive pricing, and geographical coverage all together is a tall order. First and foremost you have to begin by selecting the carrier that does great work covering your targeted service area. Obviously, if you really like a provider but they don’t serve your area, they are of no use. Next, the carrier you choose has to have the majority if not all of the features most desired by your customers, like caller ID name (CNAM) and text messaging (SMS). This is the best way to remain a competitive choice in the eyes of VoIP consumers.

Three Types of Wholesale DID Origination Provider

Once you know what you are looking for, it is time to decide who can best give that to you. You have essentially three kinds of DID carriers to select from: you can go with a wholesale provider, a competitive local exchange carrier (aka CLEC), or an incumbent local exchange carrier (or ILEC).
A CLEC will offer some competitive rates and good quality of services if they control all their own hardware. The downside with competitive local exchanges carriers is that their “footprint” tends to be small.
The incumbent local exchange carrier is the most powerful entity in the industry. Think of companies like AT&T. They may be the best in terms of quality, coverage, or even bulk pricing, but their minimum monthly requirements can be steep for a start up reseller.
The wholesale VoIP provider is an aggregator because they cobble together a patchwork of CLEC and ILEC networks to create one massive network for sale. This gives them the ability to combine the large footprint and price advantages of larger players in the industry with the flexible packages that feature lower monthly requirements.
M2 Communications has a large footprint and competitive prices to offer. M2 has fully fleshed out a hardware infrastructure, robust yet easy to use software tools, and some of the top experts in the communications services industry that makes scalability a breeze for VoIP resellers of any size or configuration.