Wholesale VOIP Services

Enjoy VOIP SMS Messaging, VOIP Fraud Prevention, Caller ID for VOIP, and More

get-quoteM2 Communications is always finding new ways to improve on our wholesale VOIP services. We listened to our customers and have developed the kinds of services you need to keep your VOIP systems running at their best. Many of our customers love our VOIP SMS messaging and call ID for VOIP service and we are sure you will too. We know that communications are the lifeblood of any modern business, so VOIP fraud prevention is of the utmost importance.

Taking VOIP Fraud Prevention Seriously

Your VOIP system is your means of communication and it can save you money in many ways, however, it also is a potential avenue for attack. For those looking to make a fraudulent phone call, VOIP has become the technology of choice today. Because of this, you need to take VOIP fraud prevention very seriously – M2 Communications certainly does.
So what is VOIP fraud? Much of it is someone making use of a VOIP phone without paying for the service. The matter of payment could be completely avoided, only paid partially, or charged to an innocent victim entirely. This can be illegal or technically legal but unethical. Either way, M2 Communications actively fights this problem, and we have the very best VOIP fraud prevention tools and processes in place to make sure all calls are authorized and compensated properly. We have the ability to monitor suspicious activity, send alerts, and take action immediately.

Send and Receive Messages with your DID Number Now with VOIP SMS Messaging

End users will love the benefits of text messaging over VOIP now with our VOIP SMS messaging capabilities. Our short message system works just like the SMS messages users already enjoy on other platforms.

See Even More Control with Call ID for VOIP

Caller ID is just one of those features no phone user wants to do without. Thankfully you don’t have to with M2 Communications. Configure your wholesale VOIP services to allow for not only call ID for VOIP, but other features such as blocking unwanted callers. Enjoy more flexibility and control through call ID for VOIP than is common for traditional phone services.

Let M2 Communications Deliver the Feature Rich VOIP Service your Business Deserves

M2 Communications is compliant with the FCC in providing for reliable enhanced 911 services to all our VOIP service customers. E911 is of extreme importance to us, and we ensure that our E911 services are reliable and fully functional. Such features include the delivery of all 911 calls to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with your DID number and location data whenever possible and the ability to update your location information whenever it changes.
Furthermore, M2 Communications understands that you need tools for fast and easy billing. Our user interface for VOIP service management is a very easy to understand dashboard that presents customer information in a manner that can be quickly understood.
Contact us today and we can further explain how our VOIP services like Call ID for VOIP, SMS messaging, and VOIP fraud prevention can change the way you run your phone network.

Take your Business to the Next Level with M2 Communications Wholesale VoIP Services

You now have the opportunity to take your business to the next level of communication with the wholesale VoIP services of M2 Communications. Our reliable and nimble network will immediately grant your communications the reach and quality you deserve, and at highly competitive prices.
We offer wholesale turnkey VoIP solutions to resellers of all sizes. We keep our services scalable by maintaining a truly world class, centrally located hub for networked communications that allows us to constantly improve, secure, and expand it with ease.
Want to manage connectivity to our network by IP address? No problem! We offer the best in unbranded wholesale VoIP service packages and terminating access for your IP traffic. The traffic that connects to our network can be both native and non-native, so your users have secure options.

Commercial VoIP Wholesale Services

Our wholesale VoIP service offering includes support for both inbound and outbound calls. This means you now have a very viable option for local, long distance, and international communications.
Business VoIP must keep up with all the new ways people communicate in the workplace. Even the definition of workplace is changing. You may need to make calls and have conferences from home or at the hotel, and M2 Communications is always working to make such usage scenarios easy to accomplish on our wholesale VoIP networks. We accomplish all this over a single connection that is handling both voice and data.
The great thing about VoIP is it never stops evolving. It will always pick up new features and improvements over time. Your company can utilize it for conventional phone calls and find new ways to integrate cloud services to help your employees become even more productive and efficient. The increase collaboration capable with M2’s wholesale VoIP services can lead to new breakthroughs and speedy problem solving for your organization.

Benefits of M2’s Hosted PBX

Looking to start a PBX? We can help you get started easier than you think. We can host your telephone network while you make use of our easy to use tools to manage it. You can integrate it with your existing network or have it take over completely.
Cost – Your initial and ongoing investments in wholesale VoIP are much smaller than with conventional phone systems since we do all the heavy lifting.
Extended Reach – you can now get access to phone numbers based in the cities you want to operate in, even if you do not have a physical presence there.
Scalability – you can grow or shrink your network very easily. Since much of it is virtual, changes are largely made within software.
Credibility – Having a proper VoIP phone system to offer your customers lends great credibility to organizations large and small.
Ease of Use – you can manage your hosted PBX with our user friendly software without the need of advanced training or specialized skills.
Data – want to know about usage? All meta data is recorded, and you can even have calls recorded to better manage your VoIP services over time.